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A hot water tempering valve solution for a client in Tanawha Tricia, a client from Tanawha, was concerned that she was losing water pressure and temperature from all of her bathroom’s hot water taps. She noticed that both problems were slowly occurring and imagine something was surely deteriorating over time. Looking to solve the issue before it became any worse, she gave Greg at GCO Plumbing & Gas a call! Greg attended Tricia’s property and found a tempering valve installed at the hot water unit to be the cause of the fault. A tempering valve is a safety device that limits the hot water delivery temperature to all bathroom or ensuite fixtures/taps to 50 Degrees Celsius. It limits the temperature so that the water coming out of the taps is not scalding hot and likely to cause injuries. Rather than choosing the easier (yet more expensive) option of simply replacing the valve, as other plumbers might, Greg went the extra mile and checked the hot and cold filters/strainers in the tempering valve and found the cold filter, in particular, to be blocked and dirty, which was causing the valve to not operate properly. Going the extra mile to investigate the issue meant that Greg found an inexpensive solution for Tricia. After cleaning both filters and re-assembling the valve, Greg managed to fully restore the hot water temperature and pressure to Tricia’s bathrooms! Tricia was extremely happy to have her hot water back, and also that she did not need to replace an expensive valve at the hot water unit. When you want a plumber that will go the extra mile for you, call GCO Plumbing & Gas. For all your hot water needs or questions, call the reliable plumber Sunshine Coast locals trust with all of their plumbing needs. GCO Plumbing & Gas can also assist you with general plumbing, hot water, gas plumbing and a range of other domestic and commercial plumbing services. Need a fully licensed plumber ASAP? Call the team that is available 7 days a week on 0409 190 733 or email

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