Fix that water leak before it turns into expensive property damage! GCO Plumbing & Gas are water leak detection and broken pipe renewal specialists

Our experienced plumbers can perform water leak detection, water leak repairs and broken pipe renewal services on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. Water leaks can very quickly turn into expensive structural damage for your home or business, so early water leak detection is essential. GCO’s experienced plumbing professionals are accredited to conduct pipe replacements, water leak repairs, servicing and testing for a range of plumbing issues.

Trust the team at GCO Plumbing & Gas to solve your water leak problem. We have access to the latest water leak detection and tracing technology, allowing us to fix your water leaks and broken pipes quickly and efficiently.

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Causes of Water Leaks

Water leaks are often the result of another issue, such as:

  • Corrosion, electrolysis and rusted water pipes  
  •  Water heater corrosion
  • Tree roots that force pipes out of alignment  
  • Clogged toilets and drains
  • Excessive stress put on plumbing pipes, flexible connectors, joints, hot water units, mixer taps and appliances caused by high water pressure
  • Water hammer that causes the pipe joints and flexible connectors to break


Signs of a Water Leak

Water leaks can seriously damage the structural integrity of your building if they’re not dealt with as quickly as possible. Thankfully, there are signs that you can look out for to help you detect a water leak early.

Fungus, Mould and Mildew

Unfortunately, this is often a sign that you have had a water leak for some time. Fungus, mould and mildew can affect your health, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Respiratory issues
  • Increased allergies
Unexpectedly High Water Bills

Have you noticed the cost of your water bills rising unexpectedly high? This could potentially be an indication of a water leak.

Property Damage

Look out for changes/damage to your Home or Office’s pathways, driveways, gardens as this can be a sign that the water mains are leaking. Leaking water mains can result in land subsidence causing the earth to move, disrupting whatever is built on top of the soil.

Increased Presence of Bugs, Insects and Mites

Insects, mosquitoes, bugs and mites thrive in damp environments, therefore an increased presence could be a sign that there is a water leak present on your property. 

What to do if You Suspect a Water Leak

If you suspect a water leak, take action immediately to prevent further damage to your property. In the case of a water leak:

  • Check no water is being used anywhere outside or inside the building and locate the building’s water meter
  • Check the water meter’s leak indicator to see if it’s moving
  • Take a water meter reading and then 1-2 hours later repeat the action to see if any water was used (do not use water during this period)
  • Call a plumbing professional to conduct water leak detection services and solve the leak ASAP

GCO Plumbing & Gas can perform fast water leak detection Sunshine Coast locals can rely on. We will find the root of the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently with our water leak repair services.


GCO Water Leak Detection Services

The plumbing experts at GCO can locate and solve your water leaks using state-of-the-art water leak detection technology and equipment. Our cutting-edge systems are the best for performing water leak repairs and water leak detection Sunshine Coast residents can trust.

All work completed by GCO Plumbing & Gas meets or exceeds AS/NZS 3500 standards and Certificates of Compliance are supplied where necessary.


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