Keeping your employees, customers and visitors safe is our top priority when it comes to commercial gas plumbing

Gas is a dangerous element and can become a serious danger to your business if a problem occurs in your gas plumbing system. GCO Plumbing & Gas has experienced gas fitters that are accredited to conduct gas plumbing repairs, replacements, alterations, testing and other services. Our expert gas plumbers can handle all types of gas fitting jobs, including gas leak detection. We have access to the latest cutting-edge plumbing and gas leak detection equipment. We are the commercial plumber Sunshine Coast businesses can call for all of their commercial gas plumbing needs.


Commercial Gas Fitting Services

We offer reliable gas fitting services to commercial businesses across the Sunshine Coast. Whatever your commercial gas plumbing needs, we can help! Our Sunshine Coast gas plumbers are also fully equipped to conduct commercial gas fitting works and gas leak inspections. Pressure testing is completed with cutting-edge manometers that easily detect any gas leaks that are present.


Never Ignore a Gas Leak

No matter where you are – if you identify a gas leak, NEVER ignore it. A gas leak is a health risk to anyone on the premises and can quickly turn into a dangerous situation due to the gas being highly flammable.

If you sense a gas leak on your Sunshine Coast commercial property, it’s critical that you call our gas leak professionals immediately. Gas leaks are highly flammable and pose a serious risk, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. We will quickly find the gas leak and solve it before it can endanger you, your employees or your customers.


Causes of Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can occur as a result of

  • Damaged gas pipes
  • Outdated and old gas lines
  • Faulty, ill-fitted or poorly maintained gas appliances or pipes
  • Gas bottles that have been improperly used


How Do I Know if I Have a Gas Leak?

Knowing the signs of a gas leak can save lives. Look out for any of the following signs so that you can take action immediately:

  • The smell of gas or rotten eggs
  • Unusually high gas bills
  • Gas cooktop won’t light
  • Gas appliances aren’t operating efficiently
  • The gas heater takes too long to heat up
  • The hot water system takes a long time to recover

Sunshine Coast Gas Plumbers

To ensure we’re providing the best possible commercial gas plumbing service on the Sunshine Coast, our gas fitters ensure they are prepared for their scheduled appointments. Our service vans are stocked with the essential commercial gas plumbing equipment that may be needed during the scheduled appointment.

We have access to the latest gas detection technology so that we can solve your commercial plumbing problems efficiently.


What to Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak on your Commercial Property

If you suspect a gas leak on your commercial property for any reason, you must call a professional plumber in Sunshine Coast immediately and follow these steps carefully to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises:

  • Contact a professional immediately to book gas leak detection services
  • Turn off the main gas supply valve to your property and also switch off all gas appliances
  • Open all doors and windows to ventilate the area
  • DO NOT use any electrical appliances or overhead lights
  • DO NOT ignite or spark open flames
  • Evacuate the building to a safe place and wait for the gas professionals to arrive

GCO Plumbing & Gas are the experts in commercial gas plumbing on the Sunshine Coast. Call us today to quickly solve your commercial gas plumbing issues.


GCO Gas Leak Detection Services

Your safety is our priority. We have tested systems in place for pipe and gas leak detection. To guarantee our work, we also pressure test the gas before and after the completion of any gas works.

Our gas leak detection equipment is state-of-the-art. We use Metrotec and Rigid pipe and gas leak detection equipment to guarantee that no gas leaks go undetected.

We also handle a variety of legal and clean up services.

All work completed by GCO Plumbing & Gas is in compliance with AS/NZS 3500 and AS/NZS 5601 Standards. Our gas installations are correctly sized ensuring that all of your gas appliances will operate correctly as per the manufacturer’s specifications.


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