Thermostatic mixing valves solve your water temperature regulation issues and prevent injuries caused by hot water

At GCO Plumbing, our experienced plumbing professional can install, maintain and test your Thermostatic Mixing Valves on the Sunshine Coast. Our plumbers can provide routine annual TMV testing and maintenance to make sure your thermostatic mixing valve meets the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (AS3500). We are the commercial plumber Sunshine Coast businesses can rely on to ensure their thermostatic mixing valves are in perfect working order.


What is a thermostatic mixing valve?

A thermostatic mixing valve is a device installed in your plumbing system that blends cold and hot water together so that the water coming out of your building’s fixtures is not scolding hot. The device ensures that the water coming out maintains a safe temperature for all users.

This assists in preventing injuries such as scolding or thermal shock.


How does it work?

A TMV device has a thermal-sensitive component in it which responds to the fluctuations in the incoming water’s temperature. The component then contracts and expands letting enough cold and hot water to maintain the safe temperature that is set by the plumbing professional. 

The usual output temperature set for commercial buildings is 50°C.

GCO Thermostatic Mixing Valve Plumbing Services

At GCO Plumbing & Gas, your safety is our priority. This means that all of our jobs are completed timeously and professionally. We want to protect your business and the people operating inside of it from injuries caused by scalding, hot water. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your commercial property has had the appropriate Thermostatic Mixing Valves installed, maintained and tested annually. GCO Plumbing & gas can assist you with all of this – Get in touch today!



Thermostatic Mixing Valves services on the Sunshine Coast

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