Our gas fitters on the Sunshine Coast can provide quality gas fitting services that are compliant with strict industry standards.

GCO’s experienced gas plumbers are certified to conduct all types of gas plumbing tasks, including installation, repair and gas leak detection. Gas is a dangerous element, therefore it’s essential that only trained professionals – such as GCO’s gas fitters on the Sunshine Coast – complete repairs, services or installations on gas appliances and fixtures. Our expert gas fitters on the Sunshine Coast ensure strict safety procedures are adhered to, meaning you are in safe hands. Our gas plumbers are fully accredited and registered and will ensure complete compliance when working on any gas fittings in your home.

Whether you are in need of a gas appliance upgrade, require scheduled maintenance, need a removal or installation, or just simply want a gas plumbing check-up – we can assist!


GCO Gas Fitting Services

We offer reliable gas fitting services to residents and businesses across the Sunshine Coast. Whatever your gas plumbing needs, we have you covered!

Our gas fitters can complete installation, repairs or maintenance on:

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas heating
  • Gas stoves
  • Spa heaters
  • Gas BBQs
  • And more – Just ask us!

We also conduct testing of gas bottle connections, cylinder locations, compliance, leaks, regulator pressure check and supply.

Gas Plumbers Sunshine Coast

To ensure we’re providing the best possible gas plumbing service on the Sunshine Coast, our gas fitters ensure they are prepared for their scheduled appointments. All of our service vans are stocked with the essential gas plumbing equipment that may be needed during the scheduled appointment.

We have access to the latest gas detection technology. Our Sunshine Coast gas plumbers are also fully equipped to conduct gas leak inspections. Pressure testing is completed with state-of-the-art manometers that will detect any present gas leaks. Our Sunshine Coast gas plumbers are also fully equipped to conduct gas leak inspections.


Signs you may have a gas leak:

  • Unusually high gas bills
  • Gas appliances not operating efficiently
  • Your gas heater takes too long to heat up
  • The hot water system takes a long time to recover

A gas leak is a dangerous situation, immediate action must be taken if you identify a leak. It’s a good idea to and what to do in the case of a gas leak and to familiarise yourself with the location of your gas system’s off-switch.

Contact our expert gas fitters on the Sunshine Coast for gas fitting and leak detection services.


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