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GCO Plumbing & Gas assist a client with a blocked drain on their Sippy Downs property

John from Sippy Downs called GCO Plumbing & Gas when he noticed water taking a long time to drain from his patio during and after any period of rain. The flooding became a major concern during heavy rains as the water was coming close to entering the house.

Greg attended the Sippy Downs property to investigate the issue. He suspected that John’s patio pipework likely had a blockage.

Once cleared with the client, Greg made an attempt to clear the blocked pipework using a cable machine and water jet. With the blockage refusing to clear, Greg decided to use his drain camera to identify the issue. With the camera in the pipes, he was able to identify that a large amount of tree root was blocking the pipe spanning approximately 3 metres of the drain. Then using electronic drain locating equipment, Greg was able to pinpoint the affected pipework in the front garden of the property.

With the drain blockage located, Greg was then able to dig up the drain, exposing the damaged section of pipework which was allowing the tree root to enter the drain. With the damaged section replaced and the drain now running at full capacity, even the heaviest of storms are no concern for John. Great work Greg!


Common Drain Blockage Causes

In addition to tree roots, there are a number of other things that can cause blocked drains and pipes on your property. We often find that the following items cause drain blockages and should never be put down drains:

  • Fats, oils or food scraps
  • Motor oils, paints, chemicals or pesticides
  • Medicines
  • Sanitary products, cotton buds, nappies, condoms, wrappers, etc.
  • Plastics
  • Non-biodegradable products
  • Wipes and facial tissues

If you are facing issues with blocked drains or pipes, call the reliable plumber Sippy Downs locals trust. GCO Plumbing & Gas is also able to assist you with general plumbing, hot water, gas plumbing and a range of other domestic and commercial plumbing services. Need a fully licensed plumber on the Sunshine Coast ASAP? Call the team that is available 7 days a week on 0409 190 733 or email

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