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GCO assists with a water leak repair in Maroochydore

Andrew, a resident from Maroochydore, was shocked to receive his most recent water bill from Unity Water. The bill for this usage period had skyrocketed and was more than triple his last bill. As his water usage habits hadn’t changed Andrew suspected that there may be a water leak somewhere on his Maroochydore property.

Andrew called Greg from GCO Plumbing & Gas, who promptly attended to investigate the problem. The first thing Greg did was check the water meter. He found it to be turning at a significant rate (higher than it should be). After confirming the meter reading, Greg then checked for any obvious water leakage from toilet cisterns, as well as all internal and external taps. Unfortunately, there were no obvious, easily fixed leaks. In order to find the sneaky water leak, Greg had to get out the pipe and water leak detection equipment. After using the pipe and water leak detection equipment, the leak was identified under Andrew’s concrete driveway from the main water supply pipe between the water meter and the house.

With the client’s approval to get the job done, Greg neatly cut the driveway to remove a section of the concrete slab in order to access the leak underneath. He then excavated down to expose the leaking pipe. After replacing the leaking section of pipework and verifying that there were no further leaks, Greg backfilled the soil, reinforced and re-concreted the cut section of the driveway.

Andrew was concerned about this happening again, therefore Greg discussed with Andrew some options to help prevent such unwanted surprises in the future. The option Andrew chose was to fit a leak detection monitor device to his water system, which detects water flow over a period of time, and shuts off the water if the flow time is exceeded. Andrew was very happy with this outcome, and could relax without worrying about any nasty surprises when his next Unity Water bill arrives.

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