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GCO Plumbing & Gas deals with a gas leak in Mountain Creek

Sharon from Mountain Creek was concerned about needing to replace her gas bottle sooner than usual. Sharon found that she would normally get approximately 6 months out of her 45kg gas bottles. However, this time she found her bottle to be empty after only 2 months. Sharon called Greg from GCO Plumbing & Gas to investigate.

When Greg arrived, Sharon also advised that her hot water unit would randomly go cold during showers. Greg conducted a pressure/leakage test using a manometer connected to a test point on the gas regulator at the bottles. Whilst conducting this test with the pressure and gas leak detection equipment, Greg found two faults.

Firstly, the pressure dropped during the test which indicates a gas leak. Second, the gas pressure from the regulator was too low and likely to be the cause of the fault with the hot water going cold. Greg found the cause of the gas leak to be from the connection between the regulator and the gas bottles, as well as another small leak on the connection to the hot water unit. He made short work of solving these issues and also fitted a new gas regulator to correct the gas pressure fault.

GCO Plumbing & Gas recommend that your gas system should be checked regularly to ensure safe and efficient use of all pipework and appliances.


Gas Bottle Safety Tips

Safe transportation & storage: No more than 2 gas bottles should be transported per car. Ensure gas bottles are transported and stored upright and in a well-ventilated area at all times. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from flames and other flammable aerosols and liquids.

Safe Usage: Always read the manufacturer’s manual before use. Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated spaces, except when windy. Ensure valves are turned off when not in use.

Maintenance & Testing: Check for leaks regularly using soapy water. Reusable gas bottles require inspections and testing every 10 years to check the cylinder is safe to use. You can check when a gas bottle was last tested by checking the date stamped on its collar, neck or foot ring.

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If you suspect a gas leak on your property or are worried about one of your gas bottles call for the plumber Sunshine Coast locals can rely on. We also assist with general plumbing requirements and a range of other domestic and commercial plumbing services. Fully licensed gas plumbers Mountain Creek and the Sunshine Coast can call 7 days a week. Call GCO Plumbing & Gas on 0409 190 733 or email

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