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The GCO Plumbing & Gas team handle a burst pipe in Noosa

Angela, a resident from Noosa, was woken in the middle of the night by the sound of running water. When hopping out of bed to investigate she stepped onto a soaking wet carpet. Following the noise, she checked under her vanity basin in her ensuite to find the cold water connection into her taps had burst and was spraying water everywhere. She immediately turned her property’s water off and contacted GCO Plumbing & Gas who were on-site early the next morning.

When GCO Plumber Greg arrived he found the burst pipe was caused by a heavily corroded flexible connector.  This would be very simple and cheap to replace, however, the damage caused by the water flooding was significant. As Angela was living on the third floor of an apartment complex, the water had not only caused damage in her unit, but also the unit below.

Upon inspection of all other remaining flexible connectors to taps and toilets, Greg found most others to have corrosion of varying amounts, and with Angela’s permission, all remaining connectors were replaced with new ‘Burst Proof’ PEX flexible connectors. This would prevent the same issue from occurring in other places in her apartment.

As Greg discussed with Angela, the heavy corrosion was possibly caused by salt in the air due to living close to the beach, therefore, it would be best to keep an eye out for any corrosion appearing in the future.

Plumbing corrosion from living near the beach

Salt and moisture in the air is just a fact of life when you live in close proximity to a beach. These conditions can, unfortunately, cause corrosion and damage your plumbing systems, leading to larger plumbing problems such as water leaks or burst pipes.

If you notice either of the following, it could be a sign of pipe corrosion:

  • Flaking or brittle pipes are a sure sign that your plumbing is beginning to corrode. 
  • If the water from your taps has a reddish/brown tint (consistently) then it is possible that your stainless steel or iron pipes are experiencing corrosion.  


If you suspect corroded pipes or are experiencing a burst pipe on your property, contact the plumber Sunshine Coast locals can depend on. We can help you with your general plumbing needs as well as a range of other commercial and domestic plumbing services. Licensed plumbers available 7 days a week. Call GCO Plumbing & Gas on 0409 190 733 or email

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